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Selling 70% of all residential property in Dumfries & Galloway
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The Coach House
Shore Road
Glencaple DG1 4RG 
£425,000Ref 26208
Upper Ingleston
Moniaive DG3 4EG 
£399,000Ref 25730
Acres: 6
Euchan House
Sanquhar DG4 6LG 
£350,000Ref 27722
Acres: 1
Under Offer
Parkgate DG1 3NG 
£345,000Ref 20049
Trigony Closeburn Thornhill DG3 5JD 
£335,000Ref 27769
Acres: 2.75
Mennock Mill House
Mennock Sanquhar DG4 6HS 
£295,000Ref 27172
Acres: 1
Chestnut Lodge
Kirkton Dumfries DG1 1SL 
£285,000Ref 27336
Cedar Lodge
Islesteps Dumfries DG2 8ES 
£270,000Ref 27231
Acres: 3
The Old Nursery
Dunreggan Moniaive DG3 4HH 
£270,000Ref 27459
Acres: 3.5
Under Offer
The Grange
Burnhead Auldgirth DG2 0RX 
£265,000Ref 26042
Acres: 1
Mill Cottage
Parkgate DG1 3LY 
£265,000Ref 26675
3 Valleyfield Park
Terregles Dumfries DG2 9RA 
£265,000Ref 19864
Shore Road
Glencaple DG1 4RB 
£249,995Ref 22794
4 Townhead Place
Collin DG1 4JY 
£248,900Ref 20996
Keepers Cottage Kirconnel Estate
New Abbey DG2 8HN 
£240,000Ref 26691
Acres: 5.2
4 Valleyfield Park
Terregles Dumfries DG2 9RA 
£230,000Ref 27681
7 East Morton Street
Thornhill DG3 5LZ 
£230,000Ref 26816
Under Offer
44 Drumlanrig Street
Thornhill DG3 5LJ 
£230,000Ref 27485
Shore Road
Glencaple Dumfries DG1 4RF 
£230,000Ref 27506
Bankend Dumfries DG1 4RP 
£225,000Ref 26754
Smiddy House
Throughgate Dunscore DG2 0UG 
£225,000Ref 27286
Edgarton Cottages
Auldgirth DG2 0JY 
£215,000Ref 25721
Under Offer
Sanquhar DG4 6ER 
£210,000Ref 27523
Northfield Farmhouse
Auldgirth DG2 0TR 
£210,000Ref 27764
Acres: 10.6
19 Auld Brig View
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XE 
£210,000Ref 27339
7 Queensberry Brae
Thornhill DG3 5AQ 
£200,000Ref 27535
Drover's Toll
Throughgate Dunscore DG2 0UG 
£200,000Ref 27313
5 Auld Brig View
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XE 
£199,000Ref 24025
Mill House
Bankend Dumfries DG1 4RP 
£190,000Ref 26612
Acres: 1
Bellstane Sawmill Cottage East
Thornhill DG3 4AX 
£185,000Ref 27692
The Knowe
Dunscore DG2 0TB 
£185,000Ref 27374
Queens Road
Sanquhar DG4 6DH 
£180,000Ref 27246
Under Offer
2 Building Plots
Torthorwald Dumfries DG1 3PT 
£180,000Ref 25255
Acres: 11
1 Kirkhouse Cottages
Kirkbean DG2 8DW 
£180,000Ref 23434
6 East Morton Street
Thornhill DG3 5LZ 
£175,000Ref 27501
Park Village Closeburn Thornhill DG3 5JP 
£175,000Ref 25486
Sanquhar DG4 6AX 
£170,000Ref 22063
Smithy Cottage
Morrinton Dunscore DG2 0JN 
£170,000Ref 27378
Helen Bank
Racks Collin DG1 4PU 
£165,000Ref 26391
Rose Cottage
Clarencefield Dumfries DG1 4NF 
£165,000Ref 26633
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XG 
£165,000Ref 27655
The Roddings
Sanquhar DG4 6BS 
£160,000Ref 23069
84 Drumlanrig Street
Thornhill DG3 5LY 
£160,000Ref 27620
Shimla Bar & Restaurant
41 Main Street
Kirkconnel DG4 6NB 
£160,000Ref 21766
Chapel Grove
Kirkbean DG2 8DW 
£160,000Ref 21985
Sunnyside Park
Closeburn Thornhill DG3 5JP 
£155,000Ref 27438
Old Mill
Durisdeer Mill Thornhill DG3 5BN 
£155,000Ref 27604
38 Drumlanrig Street
Thornhill DG3 5LJ 
£155,000Ref 25427
Afton Homes Ltd Closeburn Development
Thornhill DG3 5HR 
£150,000Ref 24910
Euchan Bridge Cottage
Sanquhar DG4 6LA 
£150,000Ref 27491
60 High Street
Sanquhar DG4 6BL 
£150,000Ref 20995
The Shieling
The Park
Closeburn Thornhill DG3 5JT 
£145,000Ref 27325
Under Offer
Main Street
Penpont Thornhill DG3 4BP 
£145,000Ref 26888
Millside Cottage
Kirkconnel DG4 6NJ 
£140,000Ref 24210
9 Raecroft Avenue
Collin DG1 4LP 
£138,500Ref 24511
Serviced Building Plots
New Abbey Road
Cargenholm Dumfries DG2 8ER 
£135,000Ref 24709
Thistle Cottage
Ayr Street
Moniaive DG3 4HP 
£135,000Ref 27217
The Haven
Shore Road
Glencaple Dumfries DG1 4RF 
£130,000Ref 27703
Afton Homes Ltd Closeburn Development
Thornhill DG3 5HR 
£130,000Ref 24908
Neverlea Lodge Lochrigghead
Nethermill Parkgate DG1 3NG 
£130,000Ref 24318
Acres: 1.07
Dunreggan Moniaive DG3 4HQ 
£129,950Ref 26545
Under Offer
Kirkbean DG2 8DW 
£129,500Ref 22405
1 Isle Place
Shearington Caerlaverock DG1 4RT 
£129,000Ref 27590
3 Burnsands
Thornhill DG3 4AL 
£128,000Ref 22261
Rose Cottage
Ayr Street
Moniaive DG3 4HP 
£125,000Ref 27216
7 Craignee Drive
Moniaive DG3 4HT 
£110,000Ref 27610
4 Lowther View
Leadhills ML12 6XZ 
£110,000Ref 27407
Under Offer
5 Briar Place
Penpont Thornhill DG3 4BX 
£110,000Ref 27442
5 Aulton Terrace
Thornhill DG3 5AN 
£110,000Ref 23411
7 Corse Road
Penpont DG3 4BG 
£105,000Ref 23674
Yew Tree Place
Mouswald DG1 4JS 
£100,000Ref 19569
Pringleton Penpont DG3 4BJ 
£99,995Ref 27191
19 Kinnell Street
Thornhill DG3 4JL 
£99,995Ref 27654
1 Alpine Place
Thornhill DG3 5NP 
£99,000Ref 26843
New Row
Wanlockhead ML12 6UJ 
£96,000Ref 26430
High Street
Moniaive DG3 4HN 
£95,000Ref 24340
2 Plots @ Kirkbean
Kirkbean DG2 8DW 
£90,000Ref 21986
6 Meadowfoot
Wanlockhead ML12 6XJ 
£90,000Ref 27495
2 Building Plots at Kelton Bank
Glencaple Road
Kelton Dumfries DG1 4TZ 
£90,000Ref 26828
Development Site at The Hen Hoose
Tynron DG3 4LA 
£90,000Ref 17339
15 Ballochan Road
Auldgirth DG2 0XQ 
£88,000Ref 27718
17/18 Back Street
Thornhill DG35NG 
£87,500Ref 22105
45 Kinnell Street
Thornhill DG3 4JN 
£87,000Ref 27644
Sandaig Pringleton
Penpont Thornhill DG3 4BJ 
£86,000Ref 27188
Building Plots
Nithsdale View
Thornhill DG3 5DX 
£85,000Ref 24645
Plot @
Linns Road
Torthorwald DG1 3PU 
£85,000Ref 27311
Under Offer
2 Milldam Croft
New Abbey Dumfries DG2 8BU 
£85,000Ref 26827
11 Craig Drive
Kelloholm DG4 6RR 
£85,000Ref 27724
Under Offer
5 Braco Square
Shawhead DG2 9SN 
£84,000Ref 27456
Building Plots x 2
Queensberry Place
£80,000Ref 26627
6 High Street
Moniaive DG3 4HN 
£80,000Ref 22934
23 West Morton Street
Thornhill DG3 5ND 
£80,000Ref 27479
1 Gateside Cottages
Sanquhar DG4 6JP 
£80,000Ref 27136
3 Milldamcroft
New Abbey Dumfries DG2 8BU 
£79,000Ref 26542
High Street
Moniaive DG3 4HN 
£78,500Ref 24433
40 Carronbridge
Thornhill DG3 5AY 
£78,000Ref 26549
Criffel Way
Southerness DG2 8BB 
£77,000Ref 27431
4 Polveoch Road
Kelloholm Kirkconnel DG4 6RT 
£75,000Ref 27635
12 Sawmill Green
Moniaive DG3 4HX 
£75,000Ref 18948
9A Queensberry Square
Sanquhar DG4 6BY 
£75,000Ref 27711
2 Plots at Mansegate
Dunscore DG2 0TD 
£75,000Ref 20194
Plot 4
Closeburn DG3 5HJ 
£75,000Ref 26916
2 New Street
Thornhill DG3 5NH 
£75,000Ref 27292
8 Dalgarnock Road
Thornhill DG34JW 
£75,000Ref 25502
Under Offer
6 Corse Road
Penpont Thornhill DG3 4BG 
£75,000Ref 26995
1 High Cample
Cample Thornhill DG3 5HB 
£75,000Ref 26988
Plot 3
Closeburn DG3 5HJ 
£75,000Ref 26915
14 Forsyth Avenue
Sanquhar DG4 6AT 
£70,000Ref 27595
Warrenhill Road
Greenlea Collin DG1 4TN 
£69,000Ref 19475
32 Sandyknowe Crescent
Kelloholm DG4 6SX 
£68,000Ref 22078
31 Dalgarnock Road
Thornhill DG3 4JW 
£65,000Ref 27756
Pine Lodge
Beeswing DG2 8JE 
£65,000Ref 27579
9 Guffock Road
Kelloholm DG4 6QQ 
£63,000Ref 27699
36 Firmuir Avenue
Closeburn Thornhill DG3 5HY 
£60,500Ref 27026
3 Plots adjacent to Paul Jones Hotel
Southerness DG2 8AZ 
£60,000Ref 20759
Building Plot
Dunreggan Brae
Moniaive DG3 4HJ 
£58,000Ref 26891
12 St. Conal's Square
Kirkconnel DG4 6PH 
£57,000Ref 26850
Under Offer
32 Main Street
Kirkconnel DG4 6NB 
£55,000Ref 27041
Build Plot
Southerness DG2 8AX 
£55,000Ref 19138
43 St. Conal's Square
Kirkconnel DG4 6PH 
£52,000Ref 27260
53 Anderson Street
Kelloholm DG46QP 
£45,000Ref 27402
Plots at the Old Creamery
Queens Crescent
Sanquhar DG4 6DW 
£41,000Ref 21006
Building Plot
Southerness DG2 8AZ 
£30,000Ref 17063
4 Plots adj to Sanquhar Bowling Club
Sanquhar DG4 6BY 
£20,000Ref 25957
40 Main Street
New Abbey DG2 8BY 
£600Ref 25321
Nith Buildings
Kelloholm DG4 6RX 
£400Ref 27633
14 Queensberry Street,
Dumfries, DG1 1EX.

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Castle Douglas, DG7 1AD.

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