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2 Clarefoot
Well Road
Moffat DG10 9BW 
£400,000Ref 25412
Crooked View
28 Old Carlisle Road
Moffat DG10 9QJ 
£390,000Ref 27423
Hydro Avenue
Moffat DG10 9RX 
£330,000Ref 27818
Annanbridge Cottage
Moffat DG10 9RZ 
£330,000Ref 26566
Acres: 3.5
Holehouse Cottage
Annan Water Moffat DG10 9LS 
£320,000Ref 27903
Acres: 4.5
Cedar Ryse
Moffat DG10 9QS 
£300,000Ref 27896
Moss Cottage
Annan Water Moffat DG10 9LT 
£270,000Ref 27611
Glen Annan House
Moffat DG10 9RS 
£265,000Ref 27747
Pinewood Cottage
Chapelbrae Moffat DG10 9SB 
£265,000Ref 27279
Moffat DG10 9RF 
£259,950Ref 23462
Mansefield House
Mansefield Place
Moffat DG10 9DS 
£239,999Ref 24053
Hazel Bank
Academy Road
Moffat DG10 9HP 
£235,000Ref 17250
Grange Road
Moffat DG10 9HS 
£235,000Ref 27816
29 Well Street
Moffat DG10 9DP 
£225,000Ref 26295
Rippling Water
Ballplay Road
Moffat DG10 9JX 
£220,000Ref 28058
Haywood Road
Moffat DG10 9BU 
£210,000Ref 26934
1A Clarefoot
Well Road
Moffat DG10 9BW 
£195,000Ref 24959
Hopetoun House
Academy Road
Moffat DG10 9HW 
£185,000Ref 23733
Grange Road
Moffat DG10 9HT 
£178,000Ref 27101
10 Beechgrove
Moffat DG10 9RS 
£175,000Ref 27071
2 Academy Road
Moffat DG10 9HN 
£150,000Ref 27819
1 Rogermoor
Moffat DG10 9JZ 
£130,000Ref 27972
Flat 3 St Mary's Church
Moffat DG10 9HP 
£129,500Ref 22283
1 Chapelview Cottages
Moffat DG10 9HA 
£120,000Ref 27964
18 Well Street
Moffat DG10 9DP 
£120,000Ref 22490
Flat F Dundanion House
Dundanion Road
Moffat DG10 9AH 
£115,000Ref 27344
1 Camphill
Beattock Moffat DG10 9RN 
£105,000Ref 28074
9 Well Street
Moffat DG10 9DP 
£90,000Ref 27914
1 Bank Square
Moffat DG10 9EH 
£85,000Ref 21225
5 Beattock Park
Beattock Moffat DG10 9RA 
£80,000Ref 27671
1 Bank Square
Moffat DG10 9EH 
£76,000Ref 27705
9 Cornal Court
Beattock Moffat DG10 9PE 
£65,000Ref 27001
Top Right Flat Stanmore House
High Street
Moffat DG10 9AB 
£50,000Ref 26752
Under Offer
14 Queensberry Street,
Dumfries, DG1 1EX.

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