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Hydro Avenue
Moffat DG10 9RX 
Offers Over £525,000Ref 28218
Acres: 1.6
2 Clarefoot
Well Road
Moffat DG10 9BW 
Offers Over £400,000Ref 25412
Rowanburn Canonbie DG14 0RW 
Offers in the Region of £375,000Ref 27634
Acres: 2
Applegarth Lockerbie DG11 1SX 
Offers Over £360,000Ref 25002
Acres: 3
Upper Dormont Cottage
Dalton Lockerbie DG11 1JZ 
Guide Price £330,000Ref 27978
Under Offer
Annanbridge Cottage
Moffat DG10 9RZ 
Offers Over £330,000Ref 26566
Acres: 3.5
Kirkpatrick Fleming Lockerbie DG11 3BE 
Offers Over £325,000Ref 26003
Broomhouses Farm
Dryfe Road
Lockerbie DG11 2RF 
Offers Over £320,000Ref 28257
Holehouse Cottage
Annan Water Moffat DG10 9LS 
Offers Over £320,000Ref 27903
Acres: 4.5
14 Solway Street
Annan DG12 6DU 
Offers Over £319,950Ref 25381
8 Craighaugh
Eskdalemuir DG13 0QJ 
Offers Over £315,000Ref 24482
Rosevale Street
Langholm DG13 0DS 
Guide Price £300,000Ref 27400
Dornock Annan DG12 6SU 
Offers Over £295,000Ref 27741
Canonbie DG14 0RS 
Offers in the Region of £295,000Ref 27682
Chapelbrae Cottage
Moffat DG10 9SB 
Offers Over £280,000Ref 28240
Jennymill Development
Brydekirk Annan DG12 5NQ 
Price From £279,000Ref 17715
Cedar Ryse
Moffat DG10 9QS 
Around £275,000Ref 27896
Landheads Annan DG12 5LN 
Offers Over £275,000Ref 22402
Cottage near Bentpath
Westerkirk Langholm  
Offers Over £275,000Ref 19823
Acres: 1
Beattock DG10 9RJ 
Offers in the Region of £270,000Ref 26669
Moss Cottage
Annan Water Moffat DG10 9LT 
Guide Price £270,000Ref 27611
Pinewood Cottage
Chapelbrae Moffat DG10 9SB 
Offers Over £265,000Ref 27279
Woodlands Drive
Lochmaben DG11 1SR 
Offers Over £265,000Ref 26978
Old Broomhill
Lochmaben DG11 1LT 
Offers Over £260,000Ref 28342
The Old Manse
Mains Street
Lockerbie DG11 2DQ 
Offers Over £252,000Ref 22212
Eskdalemuir DG13 0PL 
Offers Over £250,000Ref 27973
Craigs Cottage
Lochmaben DG11 1RW 
Offers Over £249,950Ref 26636
Ashyards Farmhouse
Ashyards Road
Eaglesfield Lockerbie DG11 3PP 
Offers in the Region of £245,000Ref 28097
Newton House
Kirkpatrick Fleming DG11 3AT 
Offers in the Region of £245,000Ref 20356
1 Balcastle Gardens
Lochmaben DG11 1NB 
Offers Over £245,000Ref 19046
Sorbie Cottage
Ewes Langholm DG13 0HH 
Offers Over £240,000Ref 27882
Mansefield House
Mansefield Place
Moffat DG10 9DS 
Offers in the Region of £239,999Ref 24053
Hazel Bank
Academy Road
Moffat DG10 9HP 
Fixed £235,000Ref 17250
Skellywell Cottage
Near Beattock Moffat DG10 9SG 
Offers Over £230,000Ref 28117
Bankshill House
Bankshill, Lockerbie DG11 2QA 
Guide Price £230,000Ref 28072
29 Vallance Drive
Lockerbie DG11 2DU 
Offers Over £225,000Ref 28184
Under Offer
5 Fruids Park Avenue
Annan DG12 6AY 
Offers in the Region of £225,000Ref 27871
Under Offer
Rippling Water
Ballplay Road
Moffat DG10 9JX 
Around £220,000Ref 28058
13 Ravens Court
Lockerbie DG11 1QH 
Guide Price £220,000Ref 28037
Under Offer
Tundergarth Lockerbie DG11 2QD 
Offers in the Region of £219,995Ref 27833
Jardine Bank
15 Douglas Terrace
Lockerbie DG11 2DZ 
Guide Price £218,000Ref 27384
3 Eskrigg Place
Lockerbie DG11 2ER 
Guide Price £215,000Ref 28318
1 Hallguards Mill
Hoddom Lockerbie DG11 1AS 
Offers Over £215,000Ref 26537
Haywood Road
Moffat DG10 9BU 
Around £210,000Ref 26934
Upper Logandale
Old Carlisle Road
Moffat DG10 9QJ 
Guide Price £210,000Ref 28134
4 Sherwood Park
Lockerbie DG11 2DX 
Guide Price £210,000Ref 28292
Rankine Heights
Lochmaben DG11 1LJ 
Offers Over £205,000Ref 27925
12 Dundorran View
Wamphray, Moffat DG10 9NB 
Around £205,000Ref 28210
1A Clarefoot
Well Road
Moffat DG10 9BW 
Offers Over £195,000Ref 24959
The Old Post Office
Bentpath, Langholm DG13 0PB 
Offers Over £195,000Ref 28053
11 River Park
Annan DG12 5PE 
Guide Price £190,000Ref 24644
Eaglesfield Lockerbie DG11 3PH 
Offers Over £190,000Ref 27983
Hopetoun House
Academy Road
Moffat DG10 9HW 
Guide Price £185,000Ref 23733
Burnswark House
Eaglesfield DG11 3PD 
Offers in the Region of £180,000Ref 23692
Grange Road
Moffat DG10 9HT 
Around £178,000Ref 27101
10 Beechgrove
Moffat DG10 9RS 
Around £175,000Ref 27071
63 Henry Street
Langholm DG13 0AR 
Offers Over £175,000Ref 27984
Kirkburn Cottage
Wamphray Glen, Moffat DG10 9NP 
Offers Over £170,000Ref 28110
Under Offer
5 The Whins
Moffat DG10 9JL 
Guide Price £170,000Ref 28294
Under Offer
36 Hospital Road
Annan DG12 5HP 
Offers in the Region of £168,000Ref 27673
47 Sydney Place
Lockerbie DG11 2JA 
Offers Over £167,000Ref 20205
7 Craignair Park
Annan DG12 6ND 
Offers Over £165,000Ref 28278
2 Vendace Place
Lochmaben DG11 1GE 
Guide Price £165,000Ref 28176
Under Offer
School Cottage
1 School Terrace
Templand Lockerbie DG11 1TG 
Offers Over £160,000Ref 28276
Wauchope Street
Langholm DG13 0AY 
Offers Over £160,000Ref 24412
Units 4 & 5 Mill on the Hill
Skippers Langholm DG13 0LH 
Guide Price £160,000Ref 24084
Acres: 1.67
10 Queensberry Terrace
Cummertrees Annan DG12 5QF 
Around £160,000Ref 28280
6 Beechfield Lane
Johnstonebridge DG11 1EY 
Offers Over £160,000Ref 23162
Ashyards Road
Eaglesfield DG11 3PP 
Guide Price £160,000Ref 27340
17 Ravenhill
Lochmaben DG11 1QZ 
Around £158,000Ref 27542
Stanfield Development
Eastriggs DG12 6TF 
Price From £155,000Ref 13950
13 Grant Avenue
Lockerbie DG11 2EH 
Guide Price £155,000Ref 28299
8 Vallance Drive
Lockerbie DG11 2DU 
Offers Over £155,000Ref 28306
12 Charlotte Street
Langholm DG13 0DZ 
Offers in the Region of £150,000Ref 23616
18 Plumdon Park Avenue
Annan DG12 6EY 
Guide Price £150,000Ref 28324
2 Academy Road
Moffat DG10 9HN 
Offers in the Region of £150,000Ref 27819
4 Dryfe Vale
Lockerbie DG11 2AW 
Offers Over £150,000Ref 28335
1 Bath Place High Street
Moffat DG10 9HJ 
Price £150,000Ref 28098
25 Port Street
Annan DG12 6BH 
Offers Over £150,000Ref 21104
Boatford Cottage
30 Charles Street
Langholm DG13 0AA 
Offers Over £149,750Ref 24481
Park Place
Lockerbie DG11 2HG 
Guide Price £145,000Ref 22922
Lochmaben DG11 1QH 
Offers Over £144,000Ref 26503
3 Castleview Gardens Flats
Castleview Gardens
Lochmaben DG11 1ND 
Offers Over £141,000Ref 27449
7 Sherwood Park
Lockerbie DG11 2DX 
Guide Price £135,000Ref 28039
Building Plot at Former Smithy
Bankshill Lockerbie DG11 2QA 
Guide Price £135,000Ref 26177
4 Harthope Place
Moffat DG10 9HX 
Offers in the Region of £135,000Ref 28219
Under Offer
1 Eastgate
Moffat DG10 9AA 
Around £130,000Ref 28197
7 Dryfe Grove
Lockerbie DG11 2AN 
Offers Over £130,000Ref 26628
Flat 3 St Mary's Church
Moffat DG10 9HP 
Around £129,500Ref 22283
34 Dryfe Park
Lockerbie DG11 2AD 
Guide Price £125,000Ref 28279
Under Offer
Stapleton Road
Annan DG12 6NB 
Fixed £125,000Ref 27422
52 Victory Avenue
Gretna DG16 5AB 
Fixed £125,000Ref 28111
Development Plot
Victoria Road
Lockerbie DG11 2BH 
Offers Over £125,000Ref 25313
Lochfield House
Carlisle Road
Annan DG12 6QX 
Fixed £125,000Ref 28046
Knott End
28 Fieldside
Annan DG12 5HL 
Offers in the Region of £120,000Ref 28228
Scaurhead Cottage
Kirkbank Road
Johnstonebridge Lockerbie DG11 1ES 
Offers Over £120,000Ref 28268
Under Offer
18 Well Street
Moffat DG10 9DP 
Fixed £120,000Ref 22490
North Road
Lowthertown Annan DG12 6TE 
Fixed £115,000Ref 27424
6 Annandale Road
Moffat DG10 9BB 
Guide Price £115,000Ref 28192
44 Bruce Street
Lochmaben DG11 1PD 
Around £115,000Ref 27672
76 Union Road
Gretna DG16 5DA 
Offers Over £112,000Ref 27779
Under Offer
2 Building Sites
Harcourt Place
Lockerbie DG11 2AH 
Guide Price £110,000Ref 23708
4 Oaktree Drive
Ecclefechan Lockerbie DG11 3EH 
Offers in the Region of £108,000Ref 27891
2 Hunterhouse Cottages
Lochmaben Lockerbie DG11 1RP 
Offers Over £108,000Ref 28336
36 Frenchland Drive
Moffat DG10 9LN 
Offers in the Region of £105,000Ref 28181
40 Tweedie Terrace
Annan DG12 5ET 
Offers in the Region of £105,000Ref 28169
23 Pringle Court
Moffat DG10 9DD 
Around £100,000Ref 28202
Old Edinburgh Road
Moffat DG10 9RU 
Offers Over £100,000Ref 28182
1 Springhill
Queen Street
Lochmaben DG11 1QE 
Guide Price £100,000Ref 26822
72 Rosebank Crescent
Lockerbie DG11 2HJ 
Offers in the Region of £98,000Ref 28047
14 Mayfield Court
Lochmaben DG11 1QT 
Around £95,000Ref 27568
Solway Street
Annan DG12 
Price From £95,000Ref 24740
1 Camphill
Beattock Moffat DG10 9RN 
Around £95,000Ref 28074
1 Dryfesdale Court
Lockerbie DG11 2BT 
Offers Over £92,000Ref 25158
1 Johnstone Court
Lockerbie DG11 2JD 
Around £92,000Ref 22303
24 Warriston Place
Moffat DG10 9DH 
Around £90,000Ref 28217
56 Caroline Street
Langholm DG13 0AF 
Offers Over £90,000Ref 20722
11 Tweedie Terrace
Annan DG12 5EB 
Offers Over £90,000Ref 27271
9 Well Street
Moffat DG10 9DP 
Offers Over £90,000Ref 27914
8 Thorburn Crescent
Annan DG12 5EE 
Guide Price £88,000Ref 27905
6 Purpose Built Flats - NHBC cover
Victoria Place
Lockerbie DG11 2QZ 
Price From £86,500Ref 23929
53 Princes Street
Lochmaben DG11 1PJ 
Offers Over £85,000Ref 28162
1 Bank Square
Moffat DG10 9EH 
Offers in the Region of £85,000Ref 21225
5 Westfield Gardens
Lockerbie DG11 2FB 
Offers Over £83,000Ref 28246
8 Mansfield Square
Moffat DG10 9JJ 
Guide Price £80,000Ref 28316
Land adjacent to The Meadows
Lochfield Annan DG12 6QX 
Offers in the Region of £80,000Ref 27783
16 Younger Place
Beattock DG10 9PA 
Offers Over £80,000Ref 28320
Land at Templand Farm
Templand Lockerbie DG11 1TE 
Offers in the Region of £79,950Ref 26932
4 St. Margaret's
Lochmaben DG11 1PR 
Offers Over £78,000Ref 21708
13 Cherrytree Park
Empire Way
Gretna DG16 5BP 
Fixed £78,000Ref 26197
8 Greenfield Park
Kirkpatrick Fleming DG11 3AU 
Fixed £77,000Ref 27759
1 Bank Square
Moffat DG10 9EH 
Offers in the Region of £76,000Ref 27705
House + 3 Converted Flats - NHBC cover
21/23 High Street
Lockerbie DG11 2JL 
Price From £75,000Ref 23928
8 High Street
Brydekirk Annan DG12 5LY 
Fixed £75,000Ref 28138
Under Offer
1 Jeanville
Bruce Street
Lochmaben DG11 1PA 
Offers in the Region of £75,000Ref 26647
27 Dryfesdale Court
Lockerbie DG11 2BT 
Offers Over £75,000Ref 20463
22 Murray Court
Annan DG12 6FD 
Offers in the Region of £73,000Ref 26604
34a High Street
Lockerbie DG11 2AA 
Guide Price £72,000Ref 23014
2 Church Street
Ecclefechan Lockerbie DG11 3DD 
Offers in the Region of £72,000Ref 24112
3 Howrigg, Hall Road
Ecclefechan DG11 3DZ 
Offers Over £70,000Ref 22176
1 McNeish Drive
Annan DG12 5HG 
Offers in the Region of £70,000Ref 28000
Flat A Tower Buildings
Bridge Street
Lockerbie DG11 2HB 
Around £70,000Ref 21215
First Floor Flat Stanmore House
High Street
Moffat DG10 9AB 
Guide Price £70,000Ref 28096
6 Westfield Gardens
Lockerbie DG11 2FB 
Offers Over £70,000Ref 28021
Under Offer
12 Murray Court
Annan DG12 6FD 
Offers Over £70,000Ref 28010
44 Victoria Park
Lockerbie DG11 2AY 
Guide Price £70,000Ref 28203
1 St. Margaret's
Lochmaben DG11 1PR 
Offers Over £69,000Ref 26519
Building Plot
23 Whitaside
Langholm DG13 0JS 
Guide Price £69,000Ref 25304
6 Mains Meadow
Lockerbie DG11 2DE 
Offers Over £68,000Ref 27968
8 Beattock Park
Beattock, Moffat DG10 9RA 
Around £68,000Ref 28232
5 Warmanbie Square
Brydekirk Annan DG12 5NF 
Offers Over £67,000Ref 28006
9 Cornal Court
Beattock Moffat DG10 9PE 
Fixed £65,000Ref 27001
11 Townhead Street
Lockerbie DG11 2AG 
Guide Price £65,000Ref 28255
Building Plots, Land adjacent to Windmore Green
Creca, Annan DG12 6RP 
Per Site £60,000Ref 28236
Plot at Park Place
Lockerbie DG11 2HG 
Offers Over £60,000Ref 22837
Riverview Holiday Park
Mangerton Newcastleton TD9 0TF 
Price From £60,000Ref 24409
Site adjacent to 1 Lochfield
Howgill Road
Annan DG12 6QX 
Guide Price £55,000Ref 28259
13 Queens Crescent
Lockerbie DG11 2BA 
Guide Price £55,000Ref 21826
Hoddam Church & Caretaker Flat
Ecclefechan Lockerbie DG11 3BY 
Offers Over £55,000Ref 27991
Plot 1 Newton
Kirkpatrick Fleming DG11 3AT 
Guide Price £55,000Ref 23771
15 Kimmeter Wynd
Annan DG12 6JW 
Offers Over £50,000Ref 25058
18a Union Street
Lockerbie DG11 2AB 
Offers in the Region of £50,000Ref 23661
Building Plot
Sydney Place
Lockerbie DG11 2JB 
Offers Over £39,950Ref 19243
Garage and Grounds
Church Street
Ecclefechan Lockerbie DG11 3DD 
Guide Price £39,000Ref 26928
1 Bath Place High Street
Moffat DG10 9HJ 
Rental per annum £12,000Ref 28099
2-3 High Street
Moffat DG10 9ET 
Rental per annum £11,000Ref 27662
Old Dairy
Princes Street
Lochmaben DG11 1PQ 
Rental per annum £3,600Ref 25312
Haywood Road
Moffat DG10 9BY 
Rental Per Month £950Ref 28118
Solway Cottage
Powfoot DG12 5PS 
Rental Per Month £650Ref 28223
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14 Queensberry Street,
Dumfries, DG1 1EX.

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