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Holehouse Cottage
Annan Water Moffat DG10 9LS 
£320,000Ref 27903
Acres: 4.5
14 Solway Street
Annan DG12 6DU 
£319,950Ref 25381
Dornock Annan DG12 6SU 
£310,000Ref 27741
Jennymill Development
Brydekirk Annan DG12 5NQ 
£279,000Ref 17715
Landheads Annan DG12 5LN 
£275,000Ref 22402
Moss Cottage
Annan Water Moffat DG10 9LT 
£270,000Ref 27611
13 Highfields Road
Annan DG12 5LQ 
£230,000Ref 27120
Under Offer
5 Fruids Park Avenue
Annan DG12 6AY 
£225,000Ref 27871
11 River Park
Annan DG12 5PE 
£200,000Ref 24644
35 Tweedie Terrace
Annan DG12 5ET 
£199,000Ref 27490
36 Hospital Road
Annan DG12 5HP 
£168,000Ref 27673
8 Station Road
Annan DG12 6BB 
£158,000Ref 26979
Under Offer
25 Port Street
Annan DG12 6BH 
£150,000Ref 21104
1 Victoria Avenue
Annan DG12 6AZ 
£140,000Ref 27797
Under Offer
Stapleton Road
Annan DG12 6NB 
£139,000Ref 27422
Lochfield House
Carlisle Road
Annan DG12 6QX 
£130,000Ref 28046
6 Newlands Rise
Annan DG12 5HT 
£129,500Ref 27187
North Road
Lowthertown Annan DG12 6TE 
£115,000Ref 27424
Under Offer
8 Thorburn Crescent
Annan DG12 5EE 
£95,000Ref 27905
Solway Street
Annan DG12 
£95,000Ref 24740
20 Craignair Court
Annan DG12 6LZ 
£90,000Ref 24190
11 Tweedie Terrace
Annan DG12 5EB 
£90,000Ref 27271
Northfield Farm
Annan DG12 5LL 
£85,000Ref 25014
Land adjacent to The Meadows
Lochfield Annan DG12 6QX 
£80,000Ref 27783
22 Murray Court
Annan DG12 6FD 
£78,000Ref 26604
6 East Road
Lowthertown Annan DG12 6TD 
£75,000Ref 27420
Under Offer
23 Broom Crescent
Newbie Annan DG12 5QS 
£70,000Ref 26922
1 McNeish Drive
Annan DG12 5HG 
£70,000Ref 28000
12 Murray Court
Annan DG12 6FD 
£70,000Ref 28010
141 High Street
Annan DG12 6EB 
£69,000Ref 25246
52 Springbells Road
Annan DG12 6LQ 
£69,000Ref 27713
Under Offer
5 Warmanbie Square
Brydekirk Annan DG12 5NF 
£67,000Ref 28006
15 Kimmeter Wynd
Annan DG12 6JW 
£50,000Ref 25058
14 Queensberry Street,
Dumfries, DG1 1EX.

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